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The sinking feeling sets. It feels just like a hole inside your chest. I know you’re thinking ‘No no no no, it is easier said than done,’ but please let me attest. I know it’s hard, you’re feeling like you’re trapped. “Why Worry” Set It Off (via simply—amanda)
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Artist: UnknownSet It Off
Title: UnknownWhy Worry
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Jesus: It's important to help those less fortunate than you. Treat them as your brother.
Christian Conservatives: *hurriedly turn the page*
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Too many young girls don’t know how to act when someone’s being inappropriate with them. They giggle or they try to brush it off. Don’t do that. Tell them to go fuck themselves - be a bitch. If someone’s being disrespectful to you, be disrespectful right back. Show them the same amount of respect that they show you. Wise words from my mom  (via versteur)
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